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In northeastern Wisconsin at the intersection of WIS-47 and WIS-54, you’ll find a small village called Black Creek.  It is in the Central Plains and Eastern Ridges and Lowlands regions of Wisconsin – nicknamed Crossroads to the Northwoods.


The village of Black Creek was founded in 1862. Its named Black Creek because of the darkly colored creek at the edge of the village. In 1869, the country's first organized baseball team was formed in Black Creek by L.J. Cook. Thus, the village is known as the birthplace of Wisconsin baseball.


In the heart of Wisconsin's Fox River Valley, the area is known for its rich soil and picturesque pastureland. The region's cows graze on these nutrient-rich grasses producing distinctly rich and creamy milk. Great cheese starts with great milk, and this part of Wisconsin has incredibly rich, verdant grasses for cows to graze which is where Black Creek® premium Cheddar cheese gets its distinctive flavor profile.


Under the watchful eyes of Master Cheesemakers, the milk from the region's cows is conscientiously cultivated into full-flavored, award-winning Black Creek® Cheddar. Truly authentic bold, rich Wisconsin cheese.